Is it Safe to Use Online Bookkeeping Software?

Is it Safe to Use Online Bookkeeping Software

When a company has used traditional accounting records for so long, it might seem like a daunting idea to move the books into a digital format. There are a number of different types of accounting software programs that can be used to assist with this process, but it is important that you are selective about the program that you choose. When you move your books into a digital software program, you need to be sure that you are being proactive to maintain confidentiality of the financial matters.

Hackers and Financial Data

Technology offers many advantages, but hackers are always looking for ways to steal information that can be used for profit. Use secure internet connections and consider storing files on the cloud instead of the hard drive of your computer.

Also, it is best to update operating systems in order to avoid vulnerabilities that might be present in older versions of the operating system. Another protection is to keep your antivirus software current, which will help to keep your computer safe. If you don’t know how to do these things on your computer, then you can talk with a computer specialist for help.

User Error Creates Digital Weakness

The truth is that most digital accounting and bookkeeping programs are safe to use and they will keep your information secure. But, user error might cause a weakness, allowing hackers to gain access to the information. Make sure that you always use strong passwords, and it is best to keep the username and password different for each account and website. Don’t fall into the trap of using the same password for everything!

One of the biggest user errors is connecting to a WiFi connection in a public place, such as a coffee shop or airport. Criminals can connect to the internet in these public places and tap into your computer, phone, or tablet. If you need to use an unsecured WiFi connection, then you should consider the advantages of a VPN which connects through a private server to keep you protected.

Here at Easier Bookkeeping, we know that there are many advantages to using online bookkeeping software. These programs allow you to access your information anywhere. We can help you implement the right computer software and the safety steps that need to be followed to keep you protected. Contact us right away for more information about the bookkeeping and accounting services that are offered: (888) 620-0770

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